We are a local, all-natural orchard growing a large variety of fruits. Family-owned and operated by the McCaskill family, we are growers focused on providing our Austin community with naturally flavorful produce that is grown using environmentally sound methods; our practices, while not yet certified organic, exceed the organic certification criteria.

We planted our first trees in February 2013 and have exponentially grown our fruit crop each year since then. We sell wholesale to restaurants and chefs in and around the Austin area. We also sell at Texas Farmers Markets, check the schedule below! 

“I am so proud to work with Austin Orchards and feel lucky to have met Pam and Tim McCaskill. Both their farmers' market and chef customers rave about the quality and flavor of their fruit. I love going into local restaurants and seeing Austin Orchards on the menus!”

Valerie Broussard

Local Food Broker

V. Broussard Consulting

Raised in Texas, Naturally.